Montreal woke up this morning to a lot more snow than usual. Sorry people, bring the big bulky snow boots back out, sneakers are not gonna cut it in this mess.

When snow hits the ground, everyone suddenly becomes incapable of simple driving and maneuvering. Everyone is at least 10-minutes late for work. In short, the whole city shuts down. Which makes me wonder, aren't we Canadian?! 

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TL;DR The Montreal STM bus service appears to be having difficulties this winter. Many angry — and cold — commuters are turning to Twitter to express their frustration with the STM bus. 

The STM buses are always, and i mean - always, affected by the snow. In fact, the last thing any Montrealer wants to do after a snowfalls is gamble on taking the bus. That's because when even the tiniest sprinkle of snow falls from the sky, the STM bus schedule goes totally out the window. 

Is the bus coming at 8:32 am going to get me to my office by 9? Will it even show up at all? Should I have even left my bed this morning? The answer is: NO!

All these questions are frantically running through your head as you try to trudge your way through the snow banks and icy streets to make it safely into a metro station, AKA the only form of decent transport after a snowfall.

That said, Montrealers are great at calling out the STM on social media; shamelessly pointing out the areas where the STM bus is clearly failing to do their job. And on morning like this, there is not shortage of hilariously angry Tweets directed at the STM.


That said, when there is a snowfall the STM put out "damage control" Tweets and disclaimers saying "it's snowy in Montreal, delays are expected." 

It's as if they believe this Tweet totally absolves them of any responsibility.

Ok - STM, we get it, we all know that the bus might be a couple minutes late when it's snowing. That's not the issue though...

The actual issue isn't that the bus is a few minutes late, it's that the bus isn't showing up at all! Or even worse, the bus drives by and doesn't actually stop.

Ultimately, these disclaimers don't help because there is not ounce of accountability or mention of action that will be taken on their part to relieve these weather-related issues and delays. 

We hope that the STM is listening to customer complaints and will be taking some responsibility for these serious issues STM clients are experiencing this winter. 


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