Montrealers work day began with an unexpected surprise this morning as the STM tweeted that three metro lines were just shut down. The disruption began around 8:15 this morning with complete halt of service on the orange, green and yellow lines. 

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TL;DR Below are angry tweets written by Montrealers who are outraged by the sudden STM shutdown this morning on orange, green and yellow lines.

Other than knowing the situation involves emergency medical services, we're all pretty much in dark on what's really going on. Regardless of not knowing all the facts, that hasn't stopped angry Montrealers taking to Twitter to voice their outrage over the terrible commuting experience.

Needless to say, it's going to be a while before the STM gains Montrealers trust back.

It looks like quite a few people were relying on the metro to get them to work on time early this morning.

In case you weren't in any of the effected stations this morning and were curious how bad the backups were, just take a look at the chaotic scene that unfolded during the shutdown:

Luckily, service has just resumed on all of the lines, so hopefully Montrealers won't be too late for their Wednesday morning plans.

Or maybe not.

Stay tuned for more angry tweets from Montrealers that are totally done with the STM.

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