A video shared with MTLBlog by Instagram user @alcafacci shows a brawl that broke out last night at 1 AM on the corner of boul. St-Laurent and rue Notre-Dame in the Montreal Old Port. The fight involved a group of pedestrians and motorcyclists who "were driving around downtown and [the] Old Port area for most of the night," says @alcafacci.

It appears that about a dozen individuals were involved in the brawl. At least two different individuals made use of a traffic sign to fight their opponents. Its unclear what, if any, injuries there were, but an ambulance did arrive on the scene.

@alcafacci reports that many of the individuals scattered once the Montreal police (SPVM) arrived on the scene 5 minutes after the beginning of the fight. At least one biker also drove away. It is unknown what motivated the fight and whether there were any arrests. We have reached out to the SPVM for more information.

Watch the video of the fight below:

The fight also appears to have stopped traffic. Two cars remain stationary in the street. It's also worth noting that not all bikers and pedestrians on the scene engaged in physical confrontations.

In fact, some individuals appear to attempt to de-escalate the situation while others weaponize the street sign.

Relations between drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians are notoriously fraught in Montreal. Though the city is pedestrian friendly, residents must often contend with bad or oblivious drivers.

This past winter, for example, Montreal drivers began using an ice-covered sidewalk as an additional lane, putting pedestrians downtown at risk.

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Stay tuned. We will update this article with more information as it becomes available.


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