• Montreal's all-new Lachine Canal bike path has finally opened!
  • The beautiful new four-metre wide, kilometre stretch that was under construction near the Atwater footbridge is now inviting walkers, cyclists and Montrealers of all kinds!
  • Take a look at photos of the amazing transformation below!

For all intents and purposes, the all-new Lachine Canal bike path has finally opened, with Parks Canada needing to do very little work now before the path is considered completely finalized.

Montrealers have already begun to flock back to the bike path on the north side of the Lachine Canal between the Atwater footbridge and rue des Seigneurs, and today is as good as any for you to get down there and enjoy it, too!

It truly is a beautiful fall day in Montreal right now, and there is no question that cyclists, runners and flaneurs of all kind are going to be making the most of the newly finished Lachine Canal bike path that has been under construction for some time now.

You might as well check out the Atwater market while you're at it, though it's not transforming into a Christmas Village until next month.

Check out the photos below of the path's transformation into its beautiful new state!

The photo below, which was shared in the /r/montreal subreddit about a week ago, shows the path in all its  newfound glory. 

The path is now a four-metre wide, one-kilometre long segment between the Atwater footbridge and des Seigneurs.

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When I spoke with Parks Canada's Marie-Ève Francoeur last week, she let me know that there were still some things left to do before an official re-opening, including the marking of the path, electrical connections, hydroseeding of the ground and a final correction of the path surface.

Still, look at how far they've come!

This is what it looked like the last time the Google Maps van went by...

A traffic light is yet to be installed at this Charlevoix intersection, pictured below.

However, if the rest of the path is ready before the installation of this traffic light, Parks Canada will proceed with partial opening, leaving the section between Charlevoix and Vinet closed for safety reasons.

If you've yet to pass the path since they re-opened it, today would be a great day to do so.

The sun is shining and the air is crisp, so grab a pal and go enjoy one of the best new outdoor spaces in Montreal!

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