A space in the Montreal Botanical Garden just became a frog's dream come true. And luckily it's people-friendly, too. Yesterday was the unveiling of the first of the Parcours des Phytotechnologies: Les marais épurateurs (Phytotechnology Course: The swamps). And it's absolutely breathtaking.

This is the first station of seven that the Espace pour la Vie (Space for Life) Foundation has developed to demonstrate "the importance of developing clean and efficient alternatives to reduce water, soil and air pollution and noise."

This first stage is set in the Aquatic Garden. And while it's there to perform a purpose, it’s also a Zen paradise complete with fountains, giant water lilies, and lounge chairs. 

Visitors can observe Les marais épurateurs in action as the two filtering marshes purify the water used to feed the plants of the garden, which is then returned back to the collection ponds, and flower beds.  A heated pond in the center of the garden has been added to accommodate giant water lilies.

Marsh cleaners are an effective and sustainable solution to human-caused water pollution and are already used at the Biodome and Jean-Doré beach.

Phytotechnology, the science of using live plants to solve environmental problems, will be developed in six other stations throughout the Botanical Gardens.

«Ce fabuleux projet s'inscrit parfaitement dans la Stratégie montréalaise pour une ville résiliente de la Ville de Montréal et dans notre vision de promotion des technologies de pointe pour résoudre divers problèmes environnementaux auxquels sont confrontés les entreprises, les villes, les industries et même les citoyens.» said Laurence Lavigne Lalonde, Espace pour la Vie Executive Committee Chair. 

Translation: "This fabulous project fits perfectly with the Montreal Resilient City Strategy and our vision of promoting cutting-edge technologies to solve various environmental problems facing businesses, cities, industries, and even the citizens."

The next stations will include the treatment of stormwater runoff, reducing the impact of city noise, decontaminating soil, stabilizing the pond banks, and reducing the heat caused by parking. 

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The seventh station is set to be completed by 2023. This green solutions, while a beautiful place to relax, will help preserve the Botanical Garden's biodiversity, improve the air, water and soil quality, and ideally ensure the conservation of existing environments. 

This is the first time since 1938, when the Aquatic Garden was built, that there has been much of a real restoration. The design of the Les marais épurateurs blends in harmoniously with the natural background. 

The Espace pour la Vie is dedicated to education, communication, research, and conservation. To learn more about all of their projects, click here.

Le Parcours des Phytotechnologies

WHEN: Check here for hours

WHERE:  4101 Rue Sherbrooke E.

COST: $16 access to the Botanical Gardens 


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