• It's, unfortunately, official: the Montreal Christmas Market is cancelled due to construction again this year.
  • Renovations to the Esplanade mean there is simply not enough space for Le Grand Marché de Noël for the second year in a row.
  • They do plan to be back next year, though!

Construction has the power to ruin a lot of things... but it somehow seems to me that only Montreal construction has the unique power of actually ruining Christmas. And that, my friends, is exactly what Montreal construction has tried to do this year, as it has managed to push out Le Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal for another year. 

Le Grand Marché de Noël usually takes place at the Esplanade de la Place des Arts downtown Montreal on rue Sainte-Catherine. A map below shows just how much construction is happening down in that area right now, and the impact on the space has caused the organizors behind Le Grand Marché de Noël to decide they won't be able to run again this year.

This Montreal Christmas Market is a well-known staple of the festive season downtown and countless visitors have been wondering if the market would finally be back again this year or not.

I called and talked to a spokesperson who let me know what the plan was for this year and the next.

When I asked if the market would be happening this year, I got an unfortunate, "No." However, Le Grand Marché de Noël has every intention of being back next year to invite Montrealers of all ages to get lost in the holiday spirit.

In the meantime, we'll have to be content with the Village de Noël that will still be happening down at Atwater Market this year... fingers crossed no sudden construction projects happen down there.

If they do, we know the Montreal Mafia is officially after Santa.

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The map below shows the extensive work happening in the Place-des-Arts area right now, according to the Ville de Montreal 

The Esplanade started to undergo construction over a year ago, and according to the Place des Arts website, the $34 million project was "expected to be completed in 2018." 

Now, with Christmas looming closer and work still underway, "it's an issue of space," Le Grand Marché de Noël explained.

Though, even with all the construction happening in the area and to the Esplanade, there are still plenty of great shows to take in down at Place des Arts. 

So if you're in the festive season and maybe want to take in the Nutcracker, head to the Place des Arts website right here.

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