• Montreal's Gay Village has faced some controversy as it tries to revive its neighbourhood by adding artworks all around.
  • Some of these artworks involve slogans that were poorly received by people of the community.
  • Below you'll find a photo of one of the slogans that were removed, along with screenshots from @levillagemtl's Instagram story explaining the situation.

Montreal's Gay Village is trying to revamp its image and to do so, new signs were put up all over. The slogan of the entire project is to "conqueerir le monde," meaning to conqueer the world, which would make for a better world, indeed! But, while some were excited about the Village's new look, many seemed disturbed by some of the slogans that were posted along the neighbourhood's walls.

The online backlash that the slogans received had the general feeling that certain ones unnecessarily sexualized the queer community and could potentially promote violence in an area where it is well-known that citizens have experienced trauma.

The Village spoke out on its Instagram story to address many people's concerns and explaining how the situation was being handled.

Remaining completely transparent about the entire project, one of the Instagram stories said: "they (the slogans) were designed by Agence Cartier, which brought together a team of creative people from the LGBTQ2 community for this mandate, and had been approved by the Village Montréal Board of Directors, composed of Village merchants."

One of the slogans that raised the most amount of concern can be seen below.

On the yellow sign, it says "J'aime quand tu viens," meaning "I like when you come." The general backlash that this slogan received can be seen in the Instagram comments below.

The last comment said it was a lack of class and judgement, and called on the City of Montreal to do something about it.

The negative commentary was taken into consideration and led to some of the slogans around the Village to be taken down.

Whoever runs the Village's Instagram addressed the issue on the page's story by saying "Sensitive to public comments, the Board of Directors and management of the Village of Montreal have chosen to remove some displays on the tubulars installed since Monday for the 2019-2020 winter season."

The slogans that were chosen to be removed were the following:

  • "J'aime quand tu viens" I like when you come
  • "Drag-moi où tu veux" Drag me where you want
  • "F*ck les étiquettes" F*ck labels

Although these three slogans were badly received, many slogans that are LGBTQ2 positive will remain around the neighbourhood.


Open forever
Beautiful by day, beautiful by night
Please stay poly
On foot, with hair or glitter
The future will be bright
Hard to queer
Art makes you gay

"Some slogans, which provoked strong reactions on social networks, were meant to be humorous, to bring authenticity, lightness, humour and joy to the Village," le Village continued on its Instagram story.

"Some slogans, which provoked strong reactions on social networks, were meant to be humorous, to bring authenticity, lightness, humour and joy to the Village."

Clearly, this did not go as the artists behind the slogans planned - it seems it was truly just a miscommunication, based on the quote above. But, the Village did its duty by taking the ones that caused any form of harm done.

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