Habitat '67, the revolutionary modular housing complex designed by Moshe Safdie, is an icon of mid century architecture. But though it was meant to transform urban living, in recent years, it has fallen into an unfortunate trend.

Apartments and condos in the structure appear to continue to inflate in price as the rest of the city also succumbs to the increases in costs of living brought by luxury development. One Habitat '67 unit, for example, is curently on the market for a whopping $1,650,000.

Cheaper units are rare, but do occassionally hit popular real estate sites. Right now, there's a ground-floor Habitat '67 apartment for sale for the much more affordable price of $675,000.

That number is, of course, still out of reach for many, if not most. But it's a fraction of the cost of its neighbours on higher floors. The apartment, a "unit of 2 cubes on 2 levels with 2 terraces," is generous in size despite its price tag.

The post on the Sutton real estate site describes the unit as "everything you have always dreamed of... A garden, the city, a port...and why not an island. Let yourself be lulled by the peacefulness, the perfums of a luxurious natural environment. No matter where you look, each window will be like a living painting."

Photos of the interior reveal an apartment with modern finishings and mid-century flair. Despite its ground-floor location, the apartment is flooded in light and still enjoys sweeping view of the Montreal skyline.

Residents of the 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom apartment also have access to all the Habitat '67 amenities, including a tennis club and private instructor.

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"Live in HABITAT 67, in a modern architectural complex, unique in the world, in the middle of the river with its piling up of cubes that denies the laws of gravity, its garden terraces, its fountains and its huge estate," the real estate listing concludes.

Check out the full listing here!


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