This August, the Quartier des Spectacles will be host to Montreal's First Peoples Festival for the 29th year in a row. 

The week-long festival, from August 6 to 14, brings together some of the most famous local and international Indigenous musicians, artists and artisans all in one place.

The days are packed full of dancing and music and film and food in a massive event that celebrates Aboriginal culture

As per usual, the festival will kick-off August 6 at 4 PM with the Nuestroamericana friendship parade leaving from Dorchester Square and ending at Place des Festivals. Make sure to stick around after the parade for the giant party! From seeing the parade in past years, it's really quite a spectacle.

The parade doesn't just celebrate Canadian First Nations, it celebrates first peoples from around the world, from Asia, to Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. So the parade is varied and rich with both traditional and contemporary cultures. 

The festival includes a huge film portion showcasing over 60 features including documentaries and shorts.  

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This year, the festival will focus on bringing in younger artists like DJ XS7, Digging Roots and the reggae-pop singer Shauit (who is launching his latest album). 

The free music portions will be held at Place des Festivals, it's a great time to support some of the up and coming musicians.

There will also be poetry readings, a chance to taste Indigenous gastronomy and an electro concert.

While the entertainment is top-notch, the true mission for the festival is "...about reconciliation with aboriginal heritage, which belongs to everyone because it is human heritage."

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