Whether it's for a friend's 18th birthday, a bachelorette party, or a 5 à 7 that got a little out of hand, you've likely visited Montreal's famous erotic bar, Le 281 at least once. But after 40 years of entertaining people from all over the province, the cabaret is set to close its doors forever. The owner of the establishment, Annie Delisle, made the announcement on February 26, on Julie Snyder's talk show, La Semaine des 4 Julie.

The businesswoman was accompanied by four dancers from the club on set to explain her decision to sell the establishment to a real estate developer.

"Le 281 will close down on September 5. The building housing it has been sold to a property developer," a post to the 281 official Instagram account reads.

"At a time when the property market is growing rapidly, the owner of Le 281, Annie Delisle, has accepted an offer from a developer to purchase the building which houses the institution.

"The stage will continue to dazzle between now and the official closing date, with a ton of new acts and our upcoming 40th anniversary celebrations starting on April 14th.

"Hope to see you there again and again until the curtain falls for good!"

In an accompanying video, Delisle explains that the building's new owner will proceed to demolish it "probably sometime in 2021."

As for the future of 281, itself, the landlord says she "will obviously consider offers from serious entrepreneurs, but for the moment, I'm not considering moving 281."

"I'll be turning 50 in the next few days and I have to admit the nightlife is beginning to take its toll on my body."

"The heart is willing but the body is less enthusiastic," she explains.

Before the closing, however, Delisle promises an action-packed summer with improved lighting and technique "so that the 281 experience is even more complete, more euphoric."

"So we hope to see you soon to celebrate 40 years of success and, in our own way, say thank you for supporting us all these years," she concludes.

Until September 5, Le 281 is open Thursday to Saturday, 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

When: September 5, 2020

Where: 94, rue Sainte-Catherine E., Montreal, QC

Why You Have To Go: To spend a final revelrous evening at the famous erotic bar.

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