Metro Metro, Montreal's newest festival, has made headlines for its awesome lineup and relative affordability. MetroMetro's lineup features Cardi B, Snoop Dogg and Future, among other very in-demand artists. 

However, consumers soon realised there were hidden fees when they went to buy tickets. Now, a class-action lawsuit is being filed against the festival, demanding that consumers get a portion of their ticket money back.

TL;DR Montreal's newest festival, MetroMetro,  hailed by its organisers as the largest urban/hip-hop festival in Canada, is under fire for hiding fees from its consumers. This has led to a class action lawsuit asking for a partial refund. Anyone who has already bought their tickets is eligible to participate in this lawsuit.

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The festival, organised by Beachclub's Olivier Primeau, was hailed not only for its lineup, but for its pretty affordable price: first-round tickets were on sale for $170 each, which didn't seem bad for a two-day event.

By comparison, Osheaga tickets will set you back around $320 for a 3-day pass.

Tickets went on sale last week, and the event is so popular that people had to queue up online to buy their tickets. Excitement quickly turned to irritation when customers reached the checkout page. 

After the initial price tag of $170, additional, hidden fees were added: service fees of $26.75 and a delivery fee of $26.50, bringing the ticket price up to $216.25. According to the people who purchased those tickets, it was a pretty steep difference, and these fees were not announced prior to checkout. Customers who waited to buy the tickets felt cheated and wronged by this.

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According to the Office pour la Protection du Consommateur, publicity for a product or service must include the entire sum of what you have to pay for that product or service.

A class-action lawsuit has since been filed against the festival. Anyone who bought the tickets at $170 and had to pay to additional charges can participate in the lawsuit.

Now, passes have hiked up to the next price point. The passes are now selling for $190, but the service fee has disappeared: this brings the total to $218.44. A measly $2 difference.

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