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The STM Orange line has been shut down between Côte-Vertu and Lionel-Groulx stations, according to a Twitter statement.

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An "unauthorized person on the tracks" prompted the shutdown. There are so far no other details.

This is an unfortunately common occurence. This is one reason why the STM released "les conseils de Michèle," a campaign to raise awareness about the most common reasons for service interruptions. 

This humorous video demonstrates how jumping onto metro tracks can be both life-threatening and annoying to anxious commuters:

UPDATE: as of 11:50, normal metro service has resumed on the Orange line.

Passengers have felt that service delays and congestion have become more frequent on the overburdened Montreal metro system.

The STM is doing what it can to improve service. But, according to the public transit agency president, only a major intervention, like the construction of a new metro line, could make the system more functional.

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Stay tuned.


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