According to the STM service updates website, service on the Green line will be down until 9 AM.

A power failure is the apparent cause, but there are few other details.

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TLDR: The entire Green line is down because of an apparent power failure. Service is so far projected to resume at 9 AM. No details on the cause of the power failure.

The STM tweeted the above notice to passengers at 8:29 AM, meaning they anticipate needing half an hour to right the electrical error that caused the power failure. 

Given the length of the shutdown, it likely more than just a tripped breaker. 


If we come across more details we'll update you when we can. 

UPDATE: The STM has sent out this tweet for passengers:

A shuttle will be running between Berri and Honoré-Beaugrand while the Green line is down. 

UPDATE: Service is gradually resuming on the Green line, according to the STM.


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