This month, one particular advertisement at the Berri-UQAM metro station caught the attention of Montreal commuters.

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TL;DR The STM has removed an ad for a hemorrhoid pill. The ad, which features a person picking their butt, was met with widespread criticism. It's unclear whether the STM took the ad down in response or if the advertiser's lease for that space simply came to an end.

The enormous ad, which promoted hemorrhoid pill brand Hemovel, featured a person apparently digging into their behind to relieve an itch.

"Arrêtez de mettre le doigt sur le bobo," the ad read. Needless to say, a magnified image of this uncomfortable situation made some people uneasy. To others, it was absolutely hilarious.

Perhaps this reaction was precisely its point – the ridiculous nature of the ad certainly made it shareable. That kind of exposure can only be good for the product.

Today, however, reports suggest the ad has finally come down. 

"Anyone else kinda sad to see this metro ad go? It was so ridiculous that it made me smile in the morning," wrote Reddit user CuteLilLadybug.

"Man I was so relieved when this ad came down. Was really weird to have my commute punctuated by a 20 foot tall itchy butt," replied user ComradeHuggyBear.

Read the full Reddit post and its glorious comments here.

It is unclear whether the STM took down the ad in response to such widespread public attention or if the advertiser's lease for that space simply came to an end.

Most commuters will likely be thankful the ad is finally gone. Few would like to see someone pick their butt right before boarding a train packed with hundreds of strangers. No one should be "mettre le doigt sur le bobo" on public transportation.

Advertisers tend to get creative on the Montreal metro. With such a huge audience, comprised of individuals yearning for some levity in their dreary commutes, the possibilities are endless.

Who knows what will be next?


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