• Montreal's STM has just announced that the #36 Monk bus line will soon be fully electric.
  • Starting in February, the STM's #36 Monk bus line will only use electric buses, making it the first fully electric bus line in Canada.

Not only is Montreal's STM rolling out some 300 new hybrid buses this year, but Montreal will soon be the first place in Canada to have a fully-electric bus line. The STM's #36 Monk bus line is on its way to being serviced entirely by electric buses as of February 2020. 

The route, which travels from Parc Angrignon all the way to downtown Montreal, will be the first bus line to be completely serviced by buses that are powered by on-board electricity 

(Which means we're not out here ignoring public transit like Toronto's TTC streetcars, which are also fully electric but rely on an outside power source.)

According to La Presse, there have been three quick-charge electric buses undergoing testing since 2017, to ensure that the bus could properly and safely complete the route in all types of Montreal weather. 

This line was chosen because it is considered a "typical" bus line. It's 11 km long, it passes stops every 30 minutes, and travels at an average speed of 18 km/h.

This route allows the bus to recharge at Angrignon metro station and Square-Victoria station, though it is capable of completing the round-trip without recharging.

After two years of testing, the STM is ready to roll out solely these electric buses on the Monk line.

Mayor Valérie Plante also announced the news on her Instagram stories yesterday saying, "After 2 years of conclusive tests, the STM's 36 Monk will become the very first 100% electric transit line in the country in February."

She continued saying, that this was "proof that combining public transit, ecological transition and nordicity is possible!"

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Plante also promised STM passengers and Montrealers alike that we "will see more and more electric buses on the streets of Montreal by the end of the year, and that's just the beginning!"

She also added that "the STM will only acquire electric vehicles as of 2025, which is excellent news for users and for the environment."

A message from the STM published last week noted the significant challenge of integrating the 300 new hybrid buses that were acquired by the STM and promised to roll out by 2020.

However, they were hopeful and noted that there has been a "marked improvement in the number of buses available since the beginning of [January]," a feat they intend to maintain and continue to improve.

As it stands, Montreal requires a whopping 1,425 buses every day to handle the morning commute.

So, we can be excited that one line will officially be full-green by February.

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