It's no secret that living in the downtown core is far from cheap. The problem is the cost of living in cities is almost impossible for the Millennial generation to afford. With many of us in entry-level jobs barely making enough to afford rent and groceries each month, it seems like city life really is all work, no play.

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TL;DR With city life seeming less appealing to Millennials, moving to regions for better job opportunities and quality of life as become more popular. Chances are that more of the younger generation will continue to leave the city as the cost of living increases. More details below.

That's why recently, regions outside of major Quebec cities have seen a spike in Millennial interest. As rent prices continue to skyrocket and job opportunities seem slim in the city, suburban and rural regions are increasingly attractive.

Most regions of Quebec are in desperate need at the moment of labour, meaning there are some pretty great career opportunities out there, which is just one of the differences that sets the regions apart from areas such as downtown Montreal or Quebec City.

In fact, recent studies show that the incredible jobs aren't what's actually drawing younger people away from the city. It's the quality of life that Quebecers find when they aren't constantly in traffic, commuting, or working unbelievable hours in an entry-level position.

The Millennials that have found themselves moving out of the city discover that after the work day they have much more free time. Plus, it just makes more sense when you're farther away from a metropolitan area, you'll be able to participate in fewer work-related events and more personal activities such as enjoying nature and taking part in outdoor activities.

There's also potential for more family and leisure time and participation in a smaller community. But the best part is that real estate is cheaper the farther you move from the city.

Needless to say, millennials are rapidly moving away from the city to exchange their business lifestyle for a more laidback type of living.

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Most of the regions are extremely eager to bring younger people on board as well, so what more could you ask for? There are job prospects for positions requiring technical skills as well as sales and marketing, finance, and accounting, which means many Millennials are being hired right after graduation rather than having to intern or work part-time as a server for extra cash.

Since most young people consider moving to a major city as the choice they need to make to gain the most opportunities, representatives from different regions have been hosting events and seminars across the province to inform those ages 18-35 of their options and the ability to be more successful away from urban areas. 

Will cities soon be less populated by Millennials than outer regions? Let us know what you think!


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