During one balmy winter day, local cyclist Patrick Bergeron decided to try out the new multifunctional bike and pedestrian path that opened on the new Champlain Bridge. On his way, he took some stunning footage and reminded us all of carefree Montreal summers where you're speeding down a bike path. Though it might be a little early to be thinking about summer activities, there's nothing like a little reminder of warmer days to lift your spirits. Forecasts predict there's sunshine on the horizon, but don't forget that we're still in the thick of winter.

The new Champlain Bridge multiuse bike and pedestrian path officially opened on December 23, 2019. It was a perfect early Christmas gift to Montrealers and offered a preview of what's in store for us this summer. 

Recent snowfall and inclement weather haven't been kind to winter cyclists hoping to use the bike path but hopefully, a spell of nice weather will see the path opened once again.

If you don't feel like braving the cold on a bike, you're welcome to walk along the path and take in the stunning views of the Saint-Lawrence River. 

Here's hoping that Bergeron's video puts a little pep in your step today!

The video (seen below) shows what you can expect when you ride along the new Champlain Bridge. Bergeron is riding up the path via Brossard on the South Shore. 

At first, you might spot a bit of construction but don't mind that, it'll all be gone soon enough (hopefully!). Travelling from the South Shore offers an unparalleled sight from under the bridge, showing off the incredible infrastructure. 

After a short jaunt up a winding path, the path opens up to offer a breathtaking panoramic of the Saint-Laurence River. 

Riders are encouraged to respect a 20-kilometre per hour speed limit along the 3.4-kilometre multiuse path.

Since cyclists share the path with pedestrians, it's expected that everyone treats each other well.

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Pedestrians and cyclists who want to visit the path must travel via the City of Montreal's Île-des-Sœurs to the South Shore's La Riveraine bike path and back again. 

Mayor Valérie Plante said that the opening of the new Champlain Bridge multiuse path is "excellent news for the active mobility of citizens in the metropolitan region."

The path will be incredibly busy this summer so make sure to take full advantage as soon as the weather starts warming up!

Are you as excited as I am about the new Champlain Bridge bike and pedestrian path? 

See you all on the bridge!

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