When it comes to COVID-19, Quebecers aren't fessing up to bad behaviour so quickly — over 1,000 of those fined for pandemic-related infractions were fighting their tickets as of August 24, according to data sent to MTL Blog by the province's ministry of justice.

Examples of COVID-19 violations include gathering in large groups and failing to maintain physical distance. 


pleaded "not guilty" in Quebec

Only around 500 people — out of a total of 3,570 — pleaded guilty or paid their fines.

A report called "Stay Off the Grass: COVID19 and Law Enforcement in Canada" by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association says Quebec was responsible for 77% of all pandemic-related fines in Canada between April 1 and June 15, estimating it has collected more than $10 million in fines.

"Quebec leads the country in the scope and scale of COVID-19 related enforcement," the report stated — so you might want to think twice before breaking public health rules unless you're prepared to battle it out with the court.

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