Earlier this month, we wrote that Montreal mayor Valerie Plante had intentions to decrease the speed limits in downtown Montreal in an effort to also decrease the number of cyclist and pedestrian deaths. 

It seems these efforts can't come soon enough, as CTV News is reporting the death of a pedestrian today near Montreal's Place-des-Arts metro station.

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TL;DR A man has died today in downtown Montreal after being struck by a dumptruck on avenue Viger at St. Urbain. A police investigation is currently underway.

The fatal collision occurred this morning around 11:15 AM when a dumptruck was turning right onto Viger Avenue from St. Urbain Street.

The truck struck the man, who was in his fifties, killing him on impact.

This tragedy follows several similar deaths in the area, all the result of heavy-load trucks travelling in the downtown area, including one in December and one in January.

The aforementioned plan to decrease the speed limits in these downtown areas with heavy pedestrian traffic also includes plans to eliminate heavy-load trucks.

According to CTV News, the police were still on the scene around 2 PM. Viger Ave has been blocked heading west and St. Urbain has been blocked heading south. 

There aren't any details yet about the driver of the truck, but an investigation is underway and Police are doing their best to determine who had right of way and what exactly occurred. 


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