It's always been pretty obvious that speaking both of Canada's official languages will get you farther than just being fluent in one. Not only are there many more career paths you could take, but you could also make some pretty good money as well.

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TL;DR Canada's 2016 consensus has revealed that bilingual Montrealers are making 20% more than unilingual people in the city. Allophones that are fluent in both French and English are making 60% more than most people.

Well, a new analysis of Canada's 2016 consenus has been released, and its findings might just want to make you start learning a new language.

As it turns out, bilingual Montrealers are making exceedingly more money than unilingual people. These French and English-speaking employees are on average making 20% more annually than anyone who speaks only French or English in the same profession!

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This is a pretty massive leap that seems to have bilingual Canadians pretty well off. Shockingly, that's nothing compared to what allophones (people whose first language is neither French or English) are making in the city.

If you're an allophone that also happens to be fluent in English and French, you're probably making about 60% more than the rest of us.

These findings just prove that bilingualism is becoming more valued in a city like Montreal, where there's a growing language diversity among the population.

So, if you're looking to make way more money than your friends or even your coworkers, it might be time to pick up a new language.


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