• MTL Blog has made a compilation of photos and videos of Montreal at its winter best below, and people showing their appreciation for such.
  • Take some time this winter to appreciate what our beloved city looks like when the white snow takes it over!
  • See photos & videos of Montreal looking all white and fluffy below!

Everyone always seems to get excited for the first snowfall in Montreal, but then as the second and the third roll around, people tend to lose sight of the snow's magic. So, MTL Blog is here to remind you of it! I've made a compilation of photos and videos of Montreal looking its winter best, and by that, I mean filed with snow. These pictures are sure to revamp your love for this snowy city.

I get it, it can be so hard to appreciate winter while you're living it — truly no one is ever prepared for it. But, learning to love Montreal during all of its seasons is something every local learns to do!

Montreal in the snow becomes the perfect place for photoshoots, even though we know the models are probably freezing their booties off. But, if you look at it with the right mindset, you can just think of us Montrealers as getting to walk the "white carpet" every day.

So, if the cold weather is getting you down, take a look at these photos of Montreal looking lovely as the snow takes over the city and get a little inspiration from the people showing some serious snow appreciation!

To start off, this is the energy I want us all going into 2020 with — especially since we have no idea how long this year's winter is going to last.

If you ask me, it's pretty hard to hate winter in Montreal, since we get to see our favourite city's landmarks in a whole new light. A much brighter, whiter light.

Has St. Joseph's Oratory ever looked so good?

And, during the winter, the Old Port looks better than we have ever remembered.

Plus, once the snow hits, your nightly walks get a whole lot nicer.


Colourful lights take over the city at the same time the snow does, and they make quite the beautiful duo.

The typical Plateau round stairs that scare the heck out of most of us manage to look beautiful in this photo. A success, indeed.

Not so scary after all, right? 

One of my favourite things about Montreal in the winter has to be the snow freezing onto the branches of trees

Your favourite parks suddenly have an entirely new awe to them.

And, to warm your heart in the face of this cold weather, here is a video of adults getting as excited for snow as they did when they were children. 

And yes it's true, you are never too old to make a snowman!

Have I convinced you into loving the snow yet?

And voici, a real Montrealer embracing what the weather gods have given us.

Because as Montrealers, we don't feel the cold... Or at least we like to think so.

Montreal is, undoubtedly, beautiful all year round. But, in the winter, it becomes a magical place for photoshoots.

We all seem to look like angels when we're surrounded by this white fairy dust.


But, of course, the majority of the time, it's nicer to stare at the snow from a distance.

And, by a distance, I mean from inside.

All this snow ends up creating a community with us Montrealers.

Take this photo for example, where one of MTL Blog's writers' cars got stuck in the snow and five strangers came to help push it out.

And speaking of cars, here's someone who knows what to do when the snow piles on top of every car in the city.

A snowy masterpiece!

So Montrealers, I hope you take some time this winter season to appreciate all the gifts the snow fairies have bestowed on us. As they say, may your days be merry and bright!

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