If you got on the metro this morning, you know that almost the entire metro system shut down simultaneously, and is only starting now to come back. 

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Around 8:25 am the Twitter feed of the Orange, Green, and Yellow line all announced the temporary shut down, and that the service would be back up around 8:45 am. 

According to the STM the vague explination for this catastrophic rush hour shut down was an "intervetion of emergecy services." A little later sources confirmed it was due to a "pepper spray attack" between two men, which forced the intervention of emergency services. 

Needless to say, many commuters are not pleased. They have taken to Twitter already to rant and and rage about the delays and total chaos caused by the shut down.

You may have already seen a snap shot of the mayhem at Lionel Groulx on some Instagram stories this morning. If you happen to avoid this mess, you're very lucky.

Via evableva

This video shows you just how bad it got!

At this point, the STM does confirm services are back up and running, however, it may take additional time for the backlog of commuters to clear out. 

If you we're stuck in the metro this morning, we sincerely feel for you.


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