With rising COVID-19 cases moving Montreal into the red zone, the city is heavily discouraging social gatherings between people who don’t reside at the same address — including friends and family members who meet at parks.

In a press conference on September 29, Mayor Valérie Plante said police presence will "in all cases [...] be augmented in parks."

Plante also said it's a priority to keep green spaces open for the city, and that it’s important for "morale" to allow people to get fresh air in the park — especially as the weather cools down and restaurants are forced to close their dining areas.

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What we saw in the news around the Tam-Tams last Sunday is not acceptable.

Mayor Valerie Plante

It’s currently unclear whether or not the police will be issuing fines to people who don’t respect the rules on social gatherings.

"Nobody wants to give tickets to people for being in the park," Plante said.

"But if people, for different reasons, don’t want to obey and think [the rules are] not for them, there will be consequences."

Plante encouraged Montrealers to support their favourite restaurants through takeout and delivery services, but she said Thanksgiving gatherings should be cancelled this year.

"It’s not the time. For the next 28 days, we don’t do [social] gatherings," she said.

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