Ahh, Red Bull. You have gotten us through many an all-night study session where our heart started to beat on par to a hummingbird, we learned fingertips could sweat, and we were somehow sent back in time to live the life of a stockbroker from the 80s. 

Surprise. A lawsuit now alleges that an energy drink filled with 80mg of caffeine and 27.5mg of sugar isn't all that good for us. And now Red Bull might end up paying for it under the newly authorized class action settlement by the Superior Court of Quebec. 

Under the case title: Red Bull - Energy Drinks: Misrepresentations and Information Omissions, the class action lawsuit alleges that Red Bull failed to inform consumers of the dangers inherent in the ingestion of their drink (infringing on section 228 of the Quebec Consumer Protection Act). And by making false statements about the usefulness of their products on their marketing and labels (which violates section 219 of the Quebec Consumer Protection Act).

The false statements include “increases concentration” and “improves alertness.” It is alleged that those claims were falsely presented to the public as "scientific" (which violates paragraph b of section 239 of the Quebec Consumer Protection Act).

The legal proceedings began back in 2017, but the final judgement came through on July 23.  

What does this mean to Red Bull drinkers who want to get in on the action? As of today, you are able to register your email to take part in the claim.

Check out the infographic below if you want to know what allegedly happens to your body 24 hours after you've ingested an energy drink. 

If you’re a Canadian resident who purchased or consumed one of the energy drinks between January 1, 2007 and July 23, 2019 you might be eligible for a whopping $10 under the proposed settlement. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many drinks you had, the maximum payout is still $10.

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You can head over to Red Bull’s claims page and enter your email address if you’re looking for compensation.  This must be completed before 5 p.m. October 14 for an applicant to be eligible.

You don't have to show any proof of purchase, thankfully, as there are very few circumstances in life you would have to prove that you bought a Red Bull. But you do need to indicate the date and store of purchase. 

The settlement approval hearing will be held December 17 at the Montreal Courthouse.

To register your claim, go here

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