There are times when police aren't able to solve a crime on their own, which is when they often ask the public to help by identifying suspects, spotting getaway vehicles, spreading word, and keeping an eye out for suspicious activities. Civilian assistance has at times led to more information, leads, spottings, and even arrests. 

That's why Longueuil Police haven't hesitated to ask the public for assistance in identifying a criminal in the most recent case of not only stealing, but also kidnapping.

Early this morning the official Twitter account of the SPAL appealed to the public to locate a man who stole a car with three children on board. He thankfully soon abandoned the vehicle once he realized children were in the back seat. All three children are safe.

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TL;DR Longueuil Police are asking the public to help solve the case of a man stealing a car with three children inside. Video evidence below further identifies the man, who fled the scene quickly. All leads and information should be reported to police immediately.

The tweet explains in further detail that the car stolen was a black Honda Odyssey 2015. Three children were inside the car that was stolen in the parking lot of a Longueuil daycare.

What's even more concerning is that the events took place on February 25, at approx. 5p.m., which was over a week ago.

To further assist in solving the case, police have shared video of the event, which took place at the address 125 rue Coulonge, Longueuil. Watch the video of the crime below.

According to Longueuil Police, the parent of the children and owner of the car left the keys in ignition to keep his children warm during the intense cold on February 25. Two of the children in the vehicle have been identified to be 7 and 8 years old. 

The doors were not locked on the vehicle and keys were left in ignition, which is what the suspect had initially noticed. Since the cars windows were tinted, the suspect likely did not see the children inside the car at the time. Once the suspect discovered children were in the vehicle, he quickly abandoned the car in a 201 Coulonge parking lot and fled to Claude street.

The suspect stole both a laptop and tablet in the car. Police describe the man as:

  • Caucasian male
  • Approx. 30 years old
  • Wearing a Kangaroo brand dark coat with hood
  • Gray or blue jeans

Police are asking that anyone with information on the individual contact the SPAL at 450-463-7211.


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