The Laval Police are asking for public cooperation to search for and identify a sexual assault suspect in a residence in the Chomedey neighborhood. The suspect has commitment a truly disturbing and twisted crime.

The man in question reportedly showed up at the victim's home on December 6 and identified himself as a nurse from the Community Health Centre (CLSC). The Laval victim, who was already receiving care from the CLSC, did not find this suspicious.

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TL;DR Laval and Montreal police are searching for a man who posed as a CLSC worker to sexually assault a woman. He is described as 25-30 years old, 5'7" tall, with a medium build. Last seen wearing a dark coat with a fur trim and a red backpack. If you've seen this man in the Chomedey area, please contact the number below.

Once the victim let the man into her home, he proceeded to expose himself in front of the victim. She immediately pushed him away and kicked him out. According to the report, the individual quietly left on foot.

Laval police Tweeted this today:

Later, on December 14, the man went to the victim's house again! Of course, the woman recognized the man and didn't let him into her home again.

The police have released some details of the man to help identify him:

  • Male between 25 & 30 years old.
  • ​​5'7 with a medium build
  • Wore a dark coat with a fur trim hood. Also carried a red backpack.

The police need the public's help! Note that all information to locate or identify this individual will be treated confidentially on the Info-Line at 450-662-INFO (4636) or 911 by mentioning the file LVL 181206 097.




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