A new survey by Montreal-based polling and marketing research firm, Léger, provided insight into Quebecers' perceptions of vaccines — both in terms of COVID-19 and the flu shot.

Compared to the rest of Canada, Quebec respondents were least likely to be vaccinated for the flu, though 52% of Quebec participants said they had gotten a flu shot in the past.

Forty-five percent responded that they had not.

The survey spoke to 1,539 Canadians across every region of the country.

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Of Quebecers said they would likely get a flu vaccine this year


When Léger asked Quebecers if they would receive the flu vaccine this year, 50% responded that it was unlikely — the highest of any surveyed region in Canada. 

Twenty-seven percent of Quebecers said they definitely would not be getting a flu vaccine, followed only by Atlantic Canadians at 17%.

However, in contrast to Quebecers' attitudes toward the flu shot, Quebec was one of the regions that expressed the most interest in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine (if it were free and approved by Health Canada for public use).

When asked whether or not they intended to get a COVID-19 vaccine, 65% of Quebec respondents said they would.

Other regions' willingness to receive a vaccine ranged between 59 and 71%.    

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