Drivers, prepare yourselves to swim in yet another sea of orange cones and road closures in Montreal this weekend. The Quebec Ministry of Transport has announced that the city's Turcot Interchange will have even more traffic closures this weekend. Drivers are in for another few days of headaches but hey, unlike the traffic, at least the Turcot project is moving along, right? 

The Ministry said that "major obstacles will be put in place in the area of ​​the Turcot and Saint-Pierre interchanges during the weekend of September 11, including Complete closure of Route 136 (A-720)/Autoroute 20 westbound between the Ville-Marie tunnel and the Saint-Pierre interchange." 

Drivers are advised to avoid the area as much as possible. 

Montreal, living up to its top 10 worst-traffic city ranking, has been dealing with intense traffic and closures on the Turcot for the past few weeks

Only last week, closures affected the area around Highway 15. While many of those exits gradually opened throughout the week, it seems that traffic on the Turcot is ramping up in the final stretch of the notorious construction project.

Here's where you should avoid driving this weekend.

All work will begin on Friday at 10 p.m. 

From September 11 to 14, the entrance of Highway 20 Ouest via boulevard Angrignon will be completely closed. 

The following closures will affect the highway network: 

  • A-720/Highway 20 Ouest between the exit for boul. Robert-Bourassa/Pont Samuel De Champlain/Pont Victoria and the Saint-Pierre interchange;

  • Entrances to A-720 Ouest from rue Saint-Antoine Est, avenue de l'Hotel-de-Ville as well as rue Lucien-L'Allier and rue Du Fort;

  • Turcot interchange ramp leading from A-720 Ouest to Autoroute 15 Nord;

  • Turcot interchange ramp leading from Autoroute 15 Nord to Autoroute 20 Ouest.

And guess what, there's more: 

  • Entrance to Highway 15 Nord from rue Saint-Jacques;

  • Highway 15 Sud between the Turcot interchange and the entrance from boulevard De La Vérendrye;

  • Entrance to Highway 15 Sud from avenue Girouard;

  • Turcot interchange ramp from Highway 15 Sud to Highway 20 Ouest;

  • Turcot interchange ramp leading from Highway 15 Sud to Highway 20 Ouest;

  • Ramp from Highway 20 Est to Highway 15 Nord.

Parts of rue Notre-Dame Ouest between Chemin de la Côte Saint-Paul and boulevard Monk will also be closed. 

Good luck out there folks. 

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