Another day, another group making certain this year's upcoming election focuses on the climate change crisis and the need for Canadians to stand up and make demands from their political leaders. Can't say I hate it.

Though, Montrealers may face some civil disruptions in the coming weeks as international environmental advocacy group Extinction Rebellion is planning several non-violent demonstrations.

This week, drivers and pedestrians downtown near Berri-UQAM station will see what the group is calling "Slow Swarms," where protestors will stand at crosswalks and red lights to encourage "passersby and motorists to question themselves on climate change."

A Slow Swarm is planned for this Thursday, September 5th, 2019 between 5 p.m and 7 p.m. Similar demonstrations have been held in the Plateau and downtown on Sainte-Catherine in the past.

Another huge Climate Crisis march is also scheduled in Montreal for Friday, September 27th at noon, a march that international climate activist Greta Thunberg hopes to attend in our city. This march, however, is to be hosted by The Planet Goes to Parliament and not Extinction Rebellion.

The largest of the demonstrations held by Extinction Rebellion planned to happen in Montreal will occur on October 7th, when a worldwide rebellion is planned for cities across the globe.

October 7th to 13th is being called the Week of Rebellion by Extinction Rebellion, with demonstrations planned in cities all over the globe, including Toronto during the Toronto International Film Festival.

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Just last week, Extinction Rebellion mounted a "popup protest" against Autodesk, a software company that works with engineering, architectural and construction companies.

The group was outside Autodesk's Montreal offices condemning the company's support of a coal mine in Europe.

To learn more about Extinction Rebellion, head to their website here.

The local Montreal chapter is currently hosting free training sessions on civil disobedience from now until September 28th. To sign up, head to the event page here.

To learn more about the Slow Swarms planned for this week in Montreal, head to the event page here.

To make sure you've got all the details about the march planned for September 27th (and your chance to give Greta Thunberg a high-five) head to the event page here.

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