Most of us find ourselves taking the metro almost daily. By now it probably seems mechanic to get to the station, pay your fare, and board a train. You probably even know your stop by heart and barely rely on the voice announcements.

TL;DR A YouTube video has surfaced of the Montreal metro voice making an emergency announcement in English. Watch the video below.

But for any English-only speakers in the city, you understand the pain of not understanding what the famous "metro lady," whose real name is Michèle Deslaurier, is saying when there are delays or other disruptions on the line.

Instead, you either have to awkwardly ask someone else what's going on, or wait in oblivion and hope it wasn't anything too important.

Well, now is your chance to hear the "metro lady" speak English, which only occurs in emergency situations.

The emergency announcement went off at the Place-des-Arts metro station during an evacuation. According to a Reddit user, the "metro lady" will only ever make an announcement in English during serious situation. So, needless to say, this was a very serious event.

From what you can hear, she warns everyone in the station to evacuate immediately. It sounds super vital that everyone, no matter what language they speak, get out of the station as soon as possible.

At least we can all be relieved to know if there were an emergency event at a metro station, us Anglophones wouldn't be left behind without knowing what's going on.

@stminfoembedded via

The individual who took the video of the announcement exclaims in surprise how rare it is to hear the voice speak English, so we can almost guarantee we won't be hearing it again anytime soon.

Do you think the metro announcements should always be bilingual? Let us know!


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