After discovering an error in the contents of their product, HEXO farms alerted Health Canada and the SQDC and recalled 16,818 packages of their HELIOS brand cannabis flower. Lot number AAA-112502 which was sold between August 27 and September 6, 2019, in fact, contained BAYOU flower, not HELIOS. 

So far, no customer has complained and Health Canada assures the public that there can be no adverse health effects.

However, some cannabis connoisseurs may notice that their HELIOS, which has roughly 12.12% THC, was markedly less potent because BAYOU only contains 6.36% THC.

Be that as it may, I doubt anyone is really bothered by that. 

The mix-up happened with 3.5-gram packages of HELIOS flower. 245 packages might contain BAYOU as opposed to HELIOS. For those keeping track, that's exactly 857.5 grams* of weed that was mislabeled.

Customers who believe they have a bad batch can go to the SQDC it was purchased from or report the mistake by calling the helpline at 1-888-551-2161. 

According to Health Canada, the agency has "not received any complaints regarding the recalled lot. No reports of adverse reactions to these products have been reported to HEXO or Health Canada."

The SQDC says that their products are always compiled according to stringent standards and that they want to present product information that's clear and precise. 

As you can see from the photo above, you can find the lot number of your product on the box and even on the side of the container itself. 

Quality control is never a perfect science and the SQDC is trying to streamline its production process as much as possible.

Seeing as Quebec has spent the most on weed in the whole country, the SQDC has a huge task ahead of it to ensure quality standards are universally met. 

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Health Canada is encouraging customers to fill out this form if they have experienced or have to report any quality control issues with legal cannabis. 

HEXO is one of the largest producers of legal cannabis on the Canadian market. Their 310,000 sq. ft. facility produces cannabis for customers across the country.

They are currently in the process of building another facility that'll have 1,000,000 sq. ft. of production space.

To find your nearest SQDC, visit the agency website.

*This article has been updated.


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