Ever wish you could know exactly which metro cars are packed full of people so you can avoid them? Well thanks to AI technology implemented by the STM, metro riders will finally get real-time updates on the station display screens that show you how many people are riding the metro at any given time. 

The updates will be displayed on the STM's busiest metro line: the Orange line. 

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Having access to this information is more pertinent than ever, as public health authorities are constantly reminding us to keep our distance as much as possible.

Philippe Schnobb, STM Chairman

The technology was implemented to help customers better plan their trips and facilitate social distancing rules. 

For the moment, only passengers on the Orange line will be able to see the figures.

There's no word on whether or not passengers on other metro lines will be able to see these real-time passenger updates as only AZUR trains are equipped with this technology. 

"The goal is to improve the customer experience on public transportation," said Schnobb.

Customers also see these real-time updates during peak periods on the STM's website, including live bus occupancy updates, trip planning, and more. 

"Innovating during a pandemic is no easy task. It requires not only considerable agility but also a sense of creativity and a constant desire to reinvent ourselves for the greater benefit of our customers,” said Luc Tremblay, CEO of the STM.

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