UPDATE: Papineau station has since reopened. The STM says that repairs were successful.

Earlier today, Papineau station was evacuated and temporarily shut down. The station is shut down until further notice, though as of now there is no timeline as to when exactly the station will reopen.

The STM tweeted out earlier today that the station was closed due to "temporary works at the mezzanine level," but did not specify exact details of the works. Now, we know that the station was closed due to emergency repairs to the ceiling.

The STM published this tweet at around 12:00 on Friday:

The Tweet reads, "Temporary works at the mezzanine level have led to the closure of Papineau metro station. The 815 shuttle is travelling between the stations Berri-UQAM and Frontenac. Refer to the neighbourhood map."

The STM was unclear about what works were being undertaken and why they led to an unplanned closure of the station. Several outlets like Radio-Canada have reported that a problem with the station's ceiling is to blame.

According to news outlets, parts of the ceiling were menacing to collapse. Because of this, the station was evacuated and temporarily closed. The STM semi-confirmed this report in a later Tweet:

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The Tweet above reads "We were forced to temporarily close the Papineau metro station to allow our teams to do emergency works on a section of the mezzanine ceiling. The station was only evacuated for precautionary measures."

So, it appears that the STM does not want to take any chances when it comes to passenger safety.

The 815 shuttle, which has been travelling between Beaudry and Berri-UQAM since the closure of Beaudry in October, has temporarily been extended to go to Papineau. Passengers needing to get to one of these stations will need to take the shuttle.

Papineau station was closed to allow teams to do repairs on a part of the station's ceiling. The station is closed until further notice.

Read more through Radio-Canada here.

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