This city is no stranger to celebrities roaming its streets. From Kevin Hart to Camilla Cabello and even Justin Baldoni, the summer months were filled with celebrity sightings in Montreal. This trend has apparently continued into the fall. On Sunday afternoon, a Montrealer spotted Noah Schnapp at the famous Orange Julep. Schnapp is best known to all of us as Will Byers from the hit Netflix original series Stranger Things.

It seemed as though it was his first time at the classic eatery, says the source, because his friends were said to be “hyping up the place and explaining what a julep is."

This is a classic Montreal spot and the fact that his friends took him there is pretty cool.

The source says that everyone at The Julep took note of Schnapp's presence, but in true Montreal fashion, everyone was pretty low key about it. Though there were some waves, few people gawked. Our eavesdropping source says that Schnapp's friends asked him if “this happened to him often,” but our on-looker was unable to hear Shnapp’s response.

As you can see from the picture, Noah is enjoying some delicious French fries and some classic orange julep while chilling with his buddies.

What you can’t see in the photo are his cool kicks, this kid has swag!

Noah has some Montreal blood pumping through him. Although he was born in Scarsdale, New York, members of his family are from Quebec.

This wasn't his first time attracting attention in the city. In 2017, he attended a Habs game and posted a picture to Twitter with the caption "so happy to be in Montreal watching [the Canadiens]."


One year earlier, Schnapp confirmed that his parents hail from the city.

If you have yet to watch Stranger Things, maybe knowing that one of the stars of the show has some MTL in him may be motivation enough for you to watch it.

Have you ever spotted Noah Schnapp in Montreal? Let us know!

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