Finding a job is no easy task. There is the arduous chore of updating your C.V., writing individual cover letters and attending interviews. But you also don't want to end up at a company that doesn't treat their employees fairly

Employee happiness is critical nowadays. We spend the majority of our lives working and we want to make sure we're happy (or as happy as we can be) with the work-life balance.

With this information in mind, the job finder website, Indeed, just came out with a list of the 25 best companies in Canada to work for in 2019. The list is based on over 1.3 million user ratings and reviews on Indeed Company Pages.

So, who were the three Montreal companies that did actually rank?

Coming in at a solid number seven; first up is none other than communications company Videotron. I have to say this is rather surprising, but with over 252 employee reviews and 188 salary reviews (taken between 2017-2019) maybe they've stepped up their game in regards to employee satisfaction. 

This is the first time Videotron has ranked on the nationwide list. There are currently 45 jobs open just in the Montreal area. 

Check them out here

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Two banks headquartered in Montreal were also represented in the 2019 list.

One of the largest employers in all of Canada squeezed into the top ten. Desjardins Group came in at number nine, while Banque Nationale du Canada was down at 14

If you've always wanted to work at a bank, check out the open job listings for Desjardins and Banque Nationale.

Don't feel too disheartened. Most of the companies on the Indeed list may not be based in Montreal, but they do have offices located around the city.

You can see the entire list of the best employers in Canada for 2019 here.  

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