Montreal just became one day closer to seven days of legal cannabis sales!

The SQDC on Sainte-Catherine Ouest is now officially open on Wednesdays, becoming the only Montreal location to be open 5 days a week. 

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TL;DR Montreal's busiest SQDC location is now officially open 5 days week! Opening hours have been extended to include Wednesdays from 12pm-9pm.


You now have an extra day to buy your bud downtown Montreal. The spokesperson for the SQDC that I spoke with wasn't quite certain when the change was enacted, though he said he thought last week was the first Wednesday for the Sainte-Catherine location.

Other locations in the province that are now open on Wednesdays include the Drummondville location as well as two stores in Quebec City, Sainte-Foy and Lebourgneuf.

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I called the SQDC's customer relations centre to get more details on the extended opening hours.

The decision was made to extend the opening hours of the Sainte-Catherine location because it is currently the busiest SQDC branch in Montreal.

The hope is that by being open from 12-9 in Montreal the wait for customers on Thursday will decrease.

I like this logic... if we line up on Wednesdays, they'll have no choice but to open on Tuesdays, too!

I did ask if the other stores were providing the extra product in order for the Sainte-Catherine location to meet demands.

The spokesperson did say that each store receives its own supply, implying that the Sainte-Catherine location is receiving more supply just by virtue of increased supply.

However, from reports of the lack of product at locations like the St-Hubert store, I do wonder how the extra day at the Sainte-Catherine branch will impact the other SQDC locations in Montreal.


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