The English-speaking community of Quebec has long had issues with whoever holds government office. Anglophones in Quebec often feel as if their issues don't matter and that they're forgotten in provincial politics. 

To help calm those issues, the current Quebec government, the CAQ, has planned a "consultation tour" this fall to hear the concerns of English-speaking communities around the province. Key areas of concern are employment opportunities, access to services, and education. 

Full details of the tour have yet to be ironed out, but according to CAQ MNA Christopher Skeete, the government wants to get a sense of the Anglophone community's "preoccupations." Previous governments surveyed the Anglo communities exclusively by phone, according to Global News.

Officials hope the tour will result in a plan of action for the present and future needs of the Anglophone community of Quebec. In recent months, the CAQ has been accused of ignoring the concerns of the English-speaking community, especially in regards to the school boards controversy.

According to Christopher Skeete, previous governments never did a tour of English Quebec. He says that after two years, it's about time for the CAQ to "test the pulse" of the Anglophone community. 

He goes on to say that the Anglo community is at economic risk, especially in the regions. Skeete cites the fact that English-speaking communities in the regions face three times the unemployment rate. 

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According to the Global News report, however, Anglophone communities in Quebec have a distinct sense of anxiety when it comes to the CAQ. 

In March, many interpreted a snide comment by François Legault toward the Liberals as a disparagement of Quebec Anglophones.

English Quebeckers may always feel like they're scrutinized for the language they speak. In public life, I do still encounter Francophone aggression to Anglophones. It's mostly elderly people who hold ill-will because it seems that this doesn't especially affect younger demographics in my experience.

We'll bring you the scoop once the CAQ announces the full details of their tour!

If they show up in your community, make sure to go see them to have your voices heard! That means you, Twitter warriors. 

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