Yesterday the CAQ government tabled a bill that would raise the legal cannabis consumption age in Quebec to 21. 

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TL;DR In the context of the CAQ working towards raising the legal cannabis age to 21, Quebec's junior health minister Lionel Carmant has stated that he is open to discussions of an increase to the legal drinking age and age for buying tabacco products, as well.

Considering that marijuana legalization in brand new in Canada, the government is still in the process of tweaking and finalizing cannabis legislation.

According to a recent report by CBC, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government would like to change the legal cannabis age because it is concerned about the long-term impact of cannabis consumption on the mental health of young people.

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Many people are asking: why raise the cannabis consumption age, while the legal age to drink alcohol remains the same. 

As a result, Quebec's junior health minister Lionel Carmant has signalled that he is open to revisions to both the legal drinking age and the legal age for buying tabacco products.

Because we all know that both alcohol and tabacco have a deleterious effect on health, even more so, perhaps, than weed.

In an interview with the CBC, the minister claims that the drinking age might very well be higher if politicians at the time of its legalization had known of its health effects.


There will definitely be more news about the CAQ new law surrounding cannabis and alcohol consumption in the following week, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: since the minister first voiced interest in raising the legal drinking age, Legault has denounced the idea, according to CBC. But this discussion will surely stir debate in the coming months.



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