Montreal sees its share of pedestrian and cyclist deaths every year. Though the number is on the decline, almost 25 pedestrians and cyclists are killed each year.

Often, cyclists and pedestrians are blamed for recklessness and lack of attention when crossing the street. However, as the number of cars in Montreal grows, attention must also be turned to drivers. 

The city unveiled its plans for "Project Zero" today. Project Zero is a new initiative that aims to make pedestrian and cyclist deaths obsolete. A main feature of the three-year plan is a reduction in speed limits.

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TL;DR The city will decrease speed limits to 40 km/h on main streets and 30 km/h on residential streets as part of their Project Zero initiative.

It is thought that a reduction in car speeds will make roads safer for pedestrians and bikers. Many boroughs in and around the city have already adopted this initiative.

City Counsillor Éric Allan Calwell told reporters today that "speed limits must go down," and that more details are still to come. The city will first need to consult with police, boroughs, and other stakeholders.

Mayor Plante has stated that this is just one of 22 steps the city will take to reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians.

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Project Zero began under mayor Coderre, and Plante is now taking the project under her wing. This follows in the steps of many large cities like New York, which has likewise adopted measures to precent cyclist and pedestrian injuries and deaths.


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