Have you ever tried to file a complaint with the city of Montreal and were directed to three different people, each giving you three different forms to fill out? I have, and the process was so tedious that I just gave up halfway through it. Let's be honest, Montreal millennials don't have time to go to city hall and deal with the red tape simply to lodge a complaint about lacklustre snow removal efforts. 

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TL;DR  Montreal has finally updated their website to make it easier for citizens to file complaints about snow removal and apply for permits. Check it out here.

The old website was completely out-of-date and using it was like trying to use a terribly designed Angelfire site from the 90s. City administrators finally came to their senses and decided to release a beta version of montreal.ca to the public.

Via Ville de Montréal

The updated site allows citizens to file complaints about snow removal services, apply for city permits, register their cats and dogs, and even pay fines and tickets. 

To file a complaint, simply head to the website, create an account, and you're good to go. Same goes for applying for city permits and paying off those parking tickets. You can even download the free app! 

Via Ville de Montréal

What with icy sidewalks, broken promises, awful snow removal efforts, and corruption scandals, city administrators have finally done something right for the population of Montreal. The beta version of the city's website is up and running and should be your one-stop-shop for furious complaints and for registering that adorable rescue kitty you just adopted. 

Check out the beta version of the new site here!


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