It seems like January 2019 just keeps getting worse. Not only are the days short, snowstorms never-ending, and temperatures freezing cold, but now we have a more immediate issue on our hands. In case you weren't already concerned about what foods you're eating, you'll definitely want to be now.

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TL;DR The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a Quebec-wide recall on Bio Busti brand Pecorino Stagionato cheese for Listeria contamination. Health Canada is advising anyone with the product to throw it out or return it to store and to seek medical attention if you think you've become ill. More details below.

Just yesterday, Health Canada issued a recall across Quebec following the results of Canadian Food Inspection Agency tests that confirmed Listeria monocytogenes.

The product that the government is advising everyone to not eat is Bio Busti brand Pecorino Stagionato cheese. The cheese is commonly sold at Marchés Tau across Quebec.

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Food contaminated with Listeria may not show any signs of being spoiled, although symptoms of contamination following ingestion include vomiting, nausea, persistent fever, muscle aches, severe headaches, and neck stiffness. In more extreme cases, if consumed by pregnant women, the bacteria can cause premature delivery, fetal infection, or even stillbirth. 

Weakened immune systems are at risk, with extreme cases of infection leading to death. The CFIA has confirmed that the product has been removed from the marketplace, but consumers may have already purchased the cheese and have it at home.

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If you have the product in question at home, the agency advises that it should either be thrown out or returned to the store where it was purchased. If you have already eaten the cheese and believe you may be sick, contact your doctor immediately.

As the CFIA inspection continues, more products may be recalled. Stay tuned for any updates.

For more information on CFIA recalls, click HERE.

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