ARTM, the Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority, has issued a report which reveals the new fare schedule. The announcement details the new fare prices all of the exo trains, the RTL and, most notably, the STM. 

The ARTM states that the new ticket prices reflect the inflation rate and the increase in maintenance costs. 

Almost all fares will now be more expensive, including the one-way pass, which the STM is increasing for the first time in four years. The new changes will come into effect as of July 1, 2019.

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The regular, one-way fare will increase from $3.25 to $3.50. 

To give you an idea of the extent of these changes, here are the tickets being affected:

One-trip pass

  • Old fare: $3.25

  • Updated fare: $3.50

Two-trip pass

  • Old fare: $6.00

  • Updated fare: $6.50

Ten trips

  • Old fare: $28

  • Updated fare: $29

Unlimited Evening

  • Old fare: $5.25

  • Updated fare: $5.50

Unlimited Weekend

  • Old fare: $13.75

  • Updated fare: $14

Weekly pass

  • Old fare: $26.25

  • Updated fare: $26.75

Monthly pass

  • Old fare: $85

  • Updated fare: $86.50

On the bright side, all reduced-tariff tickets (those for children, students, and the elderly) will be maintained at their current prices.

You can consult the full tariff schedule for the STM as well as for exo and STL networks here.

You can also find the details of the announcement here.

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