It's hot. It's hot everywhere. It's not just Quebec or Canada. It's huge areas across North America

But one thing that does make this oppressive heat a little easier to deal with is reading some of the hilarious and slightly alarming Twitter reactions.

Ok, maybe it doesn't make it easier to deal with, we're just trying really hard to be positive right now.

It's not just Montreal, it's everywhere. The weather channels should just start playing this GIF on loop:

Montreal has been dealing with and dodging heatwaves for a few weeks now:

Most of us woke up this morning like this

Or wanting to do this, sans the moose (or with the moose, whatever):

The Public Safety of Canada Twitter was the first to give us a few pointers for the heat, great thanks...super helpful.

Canadian actress Shira Lazar pretty much wrapped up how most of us are feeling today:

But we're more along the lines of what this Twitter user is thinking: 

If you are going to brave it outside then walk to the nearest chilled beer drink.

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Some people couldn't stand the heat and took the opportunity to slip a little politics in there.

Some spent the time reminiscing to a time of better temperatures (trans: And again it's also starting to get pretty hot too. Remember when 25 degrees in the sun was like a hot day for me. Go Quebec at the worst eh.)

And others had to explain to their US friends the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius:

Without a doubt one of the worst places to be in the summer and during a heatwave is the Montreal metro:

And then there is the worrisome....we, what? Smell?

But there is supposed to be heavy rain the entire weekend, that's got to help:

The West Coast is having much better weather than its East Coast counterparts. And they are laughing at us.

Even TIFF got in on the action:

But as we all complain from the heat, let's just take a moment and think about where we'll be in a few months

But still, short and sweet is always appreciated:

At least Toronto is feeling the same:

If you want to read more tweets about the heat, checkout the trending hashtag #heatwave. 

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