After a week-long deliberation on updating a previously exaggerated map of Quebec's new flood risk zones, the government has officially released the final map. After massive flooding early this year, the Legault government wanted to establish "special intervention zones" (ZIS) for at-risk communities. 

This morning, Quebec unveiled the ZIS zones moving forward. In these new ZIS zones, it will be forbidden to build new buildings and rebuild after a destructive flood. In total, 783 municipalities are affected, according to TVA Nouvelles

On Montreal Island, a total of 8 municipalities are within the ZIS zones. These include areas of Dorval, Beaconsfield, Montreal-Est, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, and Ville Marie. It's indicated that some 98,000 residential buildings will be under the new zone across the province.

After the government acknowledged that their previous map was inaccurate and unclear, this morning's map shows a focused effort in evaluating where the most at-risk neighbourhoods in the city are. This year, flooding inundated the West Island and North Shore Montreal communities, displacing some 10,000 people across Quebec. 

The ZIS zones cover all recurring flood zones from the 2017 and 2019 floods and will prevent the most vulnerable of these municipalities from building new structures or renovating already damaged ones. Many people living in these areas have cried foul but ultimately, the government had to take action. 

According to La Pressehomeowners in the affected areas will have until August 19th to challenge their inclusion in the ZIS zones. 

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The previous map, released last week, places huge swaths of neighbourhoods underwater in the case of a flood. One of the most egregious assumptions was that La Ronde would've been totally flooded. 

Today's new map shows that the island will be fine. However, part of the borough of Ville Marie, which covers the downtown core, is still considered under the ZIS zone. 

Crucially, the new zones cover the most heavily affected areas of the West Island and the North Shore. The shore of Beaconsfield, for example, is a total ZIS zone. 

Concerned citizens can consult the Quebec government's official website regarding these new ZIS flood zones. If your neighbourhood falls under this category, you may have until August 19th to contest this plan. 

Does your neighbourhood fall under the ZIS zones? 

To consult the full map, please check out the official CEHQ resource

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