Last month, government officials attempted to map out Montreal's new flood zones after a punishing flood season left countless residents homeless or with extensive water damage to their homes. 

In June, the Quebec government issued a moratorium on construction in high-risk flood zones or what they call "special intervention zones" (ZIS). Discussions were on-going and finally ended over the weekend. What they ended up mapping out seemed like an overzealous and extreme evaluation, according to the public. 

City officials in Montreal, in fact, consider the new maps concerning according to a report from Global NewsThey worry that the new zones will have unnecessary impacts on properties. In response, the Quebec government will remap the flood zones and release a new map in the next few days, according to TVA Nouvelles

But how bad is it really? Well, we found the map and it's maybe a little bit hasty in assuming the scale of Montreal's flood zones. We'll let you decide.

According to the new regulations on ZIS flood zones, new structures cannot go up in areas that have a 1 in 20 chance of inundation.

Only people whose homes are more than 50% damaged or completely irreparable will be allowed to build in ZIS zones. The government is also forbidding building in areas that were flooded in 2017 and 2019, two of the worst flood years on record so far. 

As you can see from the map, an extensive part of the southern half of Dorval is assumed to be in the new ZIS zone. More than 200 waterfront properties are at risk of being lost to floods according to the report, which city officials say doesn't represent the reality.

This year's spring flooding forced out more than 10,000 people in 250 municipalities across the province. Those people would like to return and rebuild, but the new law won't allow them to do so.

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Along with Dorval, some of the most troubling assumptions the map makes is the complete disappearance of the Old Port quays and boardwalk. 

Not even La Ronde is safe from nature's fury. As you can see from the new map, the amusement park is in prime flood real estate. 

Ile des Soeurs is also at high risk of massive amounts of flooding. Don't tell that to your friend who just bought a condo there, though. 

And finally, the North Shore of Montreal, which saw tremendous flooding this year, seems to be in for even worse flooding according to the new map. 

The Quebec government needs to go back to the drawing board with this one, however, because the public outcry has been huge. Expect a new map in the next few days. 

Where does your neighbourhood fall under the new flood risk map? 

To check out the full map, click here!

Watch the MTLBlog video below to see the extent of flooding this year:

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