The Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) or Quebec Language Board is a governing body that regulates and enforces the province's French langauge charter, the famous and sometimes controversial Bill 101.

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TL;DR Citizens and officials of the town of Lachute are upset at the The Office québécois de la langue française after it recently demaded that a local hospital remove English from their signage. 

According to a report by Global News, some controversy is brewing after the Quebec French Language board demaded that a Quebec hospital located northwest of Montreal remove English from their signage. 

The community responded in anger. They believe that the French Language board is needlessly causing trouble in a Quebec community that claims to have a found peaceful balance between the language groups and their needs.

The mayor of a nearby town even stated that the rest of Quebec could learn from this region.

What does the actual law say about this?

Well, according to Bill 101, signage must be in French only unless the majority of a facility’s users speak another language, or if health and safety considerations require the use of another language.

Approximately 15% of the population of the area is considered anglophone. That isn't necesarily a "majority" but many local authorities agree that the French Language Board is overstepping its authority, especially considering a hospital is a place for emergency services and "health and safety" considerations should apply.

That said, town officials are hoping that the provincial government will intervene. 

Meanwhile, the debate is raging on social media.

Via reddit

Via reddit

To check out the full debate and join in on Reddit, click here.

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