There was a slowdown of service on the green line this morning, and people are NOT happy. The weekend may be nearing, but it's the end of a long week for many, who just want to get this day over with.

The week has felt especially long for transit users. There were many delays and shutdowns which led to crazy-long wait times and jam-packed metros. So, when service on the green line was interrupted this morning, people had had ENOUGH.

TL;DR Service on the green line was interrupted this morning due to a train remaining blocked at a station. The delay only lasted around ten minutes, but the impacts on rush-hour commuters was massive, and people went to Twitter to complain.

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The STM confirmed in a tweet that there had indeed been a delay in the service on the green line due to a train remaining stuck at a station. The STM stated that passengers were not notified because the expected delay was less than ten minutes.

A tweet from "badaza" reminded the STM that even short delays like this one can delay passengers by up twenty minutes in the morning. Some were angry that they had not been notified about this delay. If people know about delays in advance, they can often adjust accordingly, opting for the bus or a different metro line.

The problem with delays like these is that it can cause problems for transit users at work or at school. Repeated tardiness can lead to discilpinary actions being taken, and can even cause someone to lose their jobs. At the very least, those who are paid hourly lose money when they cannot show up to their shifts on time. And if this is a recurring problem, those non-paid hours add up.

Others went for the "a picture is worth a thousand words" approach to voicing their grievances, posting photos of over-loaded metro wagons and stations.

Berri-UQAM tends to be especially affected by these delays.

It is not often that so many people take to Twitter to rant to the STM. It seems that transit users have really had enough of unreliable service. As a few have pointed out, this is the third consecutive day of interruptions on the green line.

This is just not a good start to the weekend.

The buses, too, had their fair share of problems this morning.

Share your commuting horror stories with us! And here's to hoping that everyone's commute home is easier than their commute to work or school. Happy Friday!

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