While social media has its undeniable bad sides, it can bring so much good to light as well. As you scroll through Instagram pages, you find all kinds of different things, but you rarely find pages as powerful as @thinkingoutloud________.

This local page is one of those discoveries that'll both inspire you and remind you of the all beauty that surrounds us, even during the strangest of times.


MTL Blog got the chance to speak with Setiz Taheri from La Rue Inspire, which is "an entity focused on community building and raising social awareness via multiple artistic mediums."

The people behind La Rue Inspire are the reason the Thinking Out Loud Instagram page exists.

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What motivated you to start this page?

"Thinking Out Loud was originally created as an outlet for me to be able [to] share some of my personal experiences and insights with my audience."

Setiz says the response received by followers has been "overwhelmingly positive and humbling."

"Understanding how therapeutic it was for me to be able to share and be heard, we decided to open the platform up to all the different voices in our community."

How do you pick who you will feature?

Setiz explained that La Rue Inspire has "been growing [their] network as creatives and community leaders for over a decade."

"Hearing from that pool of people has been an amazing experience and we have not even begun scratching the surface," he continued.

So, expect to continue seeing local faces sharing their words on the page in the future.

What do you hope to gain and teach people from your page?

"We believe that the main differences between us are the result of our respective life paths and our subjective experiences. The space we created is for people to express themselves and be vulnerable while feeling empowered," Setiz explained.

"Although we encourage people to share, we want to create a culture around listening."

"We want people to take a moment to hear each other out, understand each other, connect with each other and be a part of a growing community."

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