With the arrival of Black Friday, the world finally turns its attention toward holiday festivities. Christmas is just over one month away!

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TL;DR Parks Émilie-Gamelin, Compagnons, and Lahaie will each host a pop-up Christmas village this year. Scroll to the very bottom of the article for a link to the event website.

In Montreal, several holiday-themed events are already about to begin. This weekend, alone, three Christmas markets are opening their doors.

The city is the epicenter of the holiday season on the North American continent. The combinaton of its already-dense calendar of festivals, winter wonderland-like climate, and abundance of holiday cheer make it a Christmas destination.

Despite the cancellation of the Montreal's popular Christmas market, dozens of "Christmassy" spectacles continue to appear all over the city.

Perhaps one of the most exciting is the annual Noël dans le Parc, for which a selection of the city's parks are transformed into pop-up Christmas villages!

This year, Place Émilie-Gamelin, Parc des Compagnons, and Parc Lahaie will each have a village. According to the event website, they will together host over one hundred attractions, including live bands and choirs, miniature markets, resto-bars, street performers, and live sheep!

Each village will be decked out in lights and decorations. The magical settings will transport you right to the North Pole!

Enjoy a beer and take part in the festivities! Most events are completely free!

The villages will run from December 1st to 25th, Christmas Day. Visit the Noël dans le Parc website for more information!


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