I'm not even going to try to sugar coat it, parking in Montreal is absolute hell in the winter and summer, alike. In the winter, snow removal makes it nearly impossible to find parking and to actually physically park your car. And in the summer, construction limits and creates obstacles to easy, carefree parking. This city is in a year-round parking crisis.

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TL;DR A new app called Park Info helps Montreal drivers by giving them all the parking information and regulations of any given address in Montreal. 

To make parking even more frustrating than it already is, parking regulations and signage are often difficult to read and interpret. They also change regularly. How many times have you pulled into a spot only to get out of your car and properly read the sign, and then have to get back into your car and move it again because you misinterpreted the fine print.

I'm actually getting frustrated just typing this out, that's why I was happy to hear about this new app that seems to be the solution to all Montreal parking problems.

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It's called Park Info, and it delivers all the parking info users need about a specific location.

All you need to do is enter the address where you would like to park, and the app will give you all the information written on the parking signs nearby. It will also give you the applicable numbers, rates, and regulations of the parking meters. The app will tell you if the area has reserved spots for disabled parking permits, electric cars, motorcycles, bicycles, taxis, caravans, and RVs.

Have you ever failed to remember where you parked your car? Thought so. Park Info will help with that too. You just indicate the GPS position of your car on the map and the app will memorize it and take you there when you need.

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The app will also help you avoid tickets as you can set a reminder and Park Info will notify you when you need to move your vehicle to avoid fines.

Download the app HERE it's only 2.99$



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